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2017-01-16 [Jan. 16th, 2017|07:18 am]
So! We moved to Canada a few years ago. Kina's pursuing art full time now. Kids are both in school and are pretty sentient and amazing. Their personalities are pretty much the same as mentioned in my last post...with a little added flair. I'm working up here, still doing geek stuff. I'll consider a fuller update in a bit but for now...

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Damnit [Jun. 3rd, 2013|09:46 am]
Damnit. Apparently it has been a year since I last updated this thing. Yet I still check my f-list daily (no, really).

Nothing hugely varying since my second to latest post (regarding changing jobs and all that jazz. Well, I started school again so that's a big change. I'll be done sometime around Sept/Oct if the course availability is there.

But yeah, still doing the parenting thing as well. The kids are getting to be pretty cool. The oldest is a friggin sweetheart. The youngest is entering into his terrible twos. Good timessss *cough*.

That is all. :)

PS - apparently LJ finallllllly added picture uploading capability so have some semi-recent stuff of me and the fam:

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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2012|12:15 am]
Guess I'm at that awkward age now where everyone is finally having babies or dying. Awkward... The folks dying part, that is.

And seriously - LJ still doesn't have an image upload feature?
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besties [Apr. 10th, 2012|01:15 am]

A lot and a little has happened recently.

Biggest outward change is that I've changed jobs. Pretty big deal for me and major level up. I get to deal with pretty much only servers now and no desktop support. Getting into virtualization which is cool as all hell. You nerds out there know what's up.

But recent things, more important things - I feel like I have my wife back finally. The Kina I fell in love with.

The funny thing about kids is that they are lovely little bundles of joy. But they're wedge-shaped. And they like to be right between mommy and daddy. So basically all of the associated issues that accompany that have come into play. Kina got pregnant sept 2009 with Savannah and Feb 2010 with Malcolm - so it's been pretty much nonstop since Sept 2009.

Incidentally this is also when Kina first moved down here, go figure. Prior to that we had lived together up in Canada. So up there she was working and I couldn't find work. Down here it's reversed and she hasn't been able to work. We're now approaching the point where she can get back into her groove of things. I'm a huge fan as this will give her a little more routine to her day that doesn't involve entertaining babies. Additionally this also gives the kids a chance to socialize with other snotty faces in daycare.

But the key thing was a chat we had recently. Everything just flowed out from me. A lot of pent up frustrations. She listened and we discussed. At the end we were both happy. Things I thought could ultimately be deal breakers for me in the long run were resolved and it's like I have the girl I knew before we were married back. But new and improved!

I'm really enjoying this and I hope it lasts. It means a lot to me that we're at this level now. She means a lot more to me at this level as well. Which is strange I suppose. But when all this chaos with kids happens - you start to get detached.

Just really glad to have my best friend back. I've missed you.
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(no subject) [Dec. 23rd, 2011|09:12 am]
Last = fucking awesome.

All you can "meat" @ a Brazilian restaurant in Montreal.
Followed by a french ska/reggae show that was fucking awesomeeeeee.

And I danced.

That's right, motherfuckers, I danced. All goddamned night.

Here you go, Les va-nu-pieds:
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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2011|09:51 am]

I've been having recurring dreams lately. The setting is something I've dreamt before but the cast seems to rarely stay consistent. It's no where I've seen in real life but it appears to be based on where I grew up. It has the same "vibe" to it. There seem to be two parallel paths. One is fairly straight an uninhabited. One winds slightly and goes through a trailer park. The trailer park path seems to be the path that's least desired - in part that there's a higher risk of being harassed. The other path has its own risk in that if something happens there's no one there to find you.

The end of the paths connect and bring you to a street that feels vaguely familiar to one near where I lived during high school but is also factually incorrect. The comfort level of this street is only mildly better than the trailer park path. After a few turns I find myself back in my usual sanctuary - that is, back to sleep without dreaming.
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2011-04 [Apr. 16th, 2011|11:40 am]
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[Current Location |Charleston, SC]

So recent things going on:

Kina's been out of town for a couple weeks and is gone until the 29th. It's weird to have her gone for so long but refreshing too. Gives me time to miss her again. I'd recommend it to every couple, really. I tell her plenty, but I do appreciate all she does. ESPECIALLY when she's not here to do any of it. :p

And today's her BDAY. It's documented now - I remembered AND acknowledged it. Now STFU.


Work has been picking up. Things are finally ramping up to full speed and I feel so rusted and unprepared now. Kind of a pain in the ass but I'll get there. Everything is a process. Just need to complete the steps in the proper order. I still feel like I need to get out. I'm getting too comfortable there and not really learning much in the process. It really drags me now. The pay is nice, but I feel like I'm going to be screwed once in Canada. Though once we're up there Kina should be back in the job market which can help offset any steps back in my salary. Hell, it might be a good time to change careers if I felt so inclined.

I used to be so sure of the field I wanted to be in. Now I'm so indecisive about the whole thing.

I don't know. I feel like my mind is stuck in lazy mode these days. It's so underutilized these days. And I'm not really the kind of guy who can just open up a tech book and learn something new. I lose interest very quickly in those kinds of things. Maybe I am in the wrong field entirely. Maybe I'll figure it out sooner or later.

So with Kina gone I've been keeping myself pretty damned occupied. Sam and I have got the bright idea to get back into hockey. We used to play roller hockey like every weekend back in the day. This time, however, we decided to "kick it up a notch" and FINALLY take on ice hockey (we've been talking about doing it ages). It made sense to me because of the impending move to Canada - you simply can't find roller hockey up there - for obvious reasons of course.

So the current status of things is that we're playing like 4 games a week. It's pretty brutal but we're pretty driven to get better. So far we've both shown significant improvement. I'm way better on the ice now and regained a lot of my puck control I used to have. Sam decided to pick up being a goalie and is getting the hang of that pretty quickly. It's pretty awesome that I get a trusty side-kick on this adventure. And it helps that we're not in the same role otherwise one of us might get discouraged if the other one is improving quicker than the other. The highlight of my hockey "career" recently was the game I played Thursday. Managed to break my stick and get flattened out by some big dude (mind you - we're not a checking group...I kind of just ran into him on accident :p). I feel initiated now.

Last week I played in a roller hockey tournament which kicked my ass. Sam was our goalie too. Both of us at that point having barely played with the guys on our team - they just needed to fill some slots and we happened to come out that day. Tied for third place so that wasn't too bad. Also got yelled at by the ref to not wear shorts and to remove the brake from my skates (I never bothered to take it off because it never bothered me). Because of the incident with the shorts I now have the nickname "swim suit" which actually works REALLY well. People can yell Brad all day but "Swimsuit!" in the middle of a hockey game - I know that's me without question. It's cheesy but I like it. I feel like a part of the team now.

Health-wise I feel really good. I still need to get on a better sleep schedule and probably a better diet. Can't wait until I can get through a whole day without needing a nap. I feel so useless because of it sometimes.

What's crazy is that despite how much I'm playing I'm still getting out of breath. I feel like I really do have keep playing at the rigor I'm at just to catch up. It's just that friggin fast of a sport. Maybe we'll finally invest in a treadmill or something similar so I can work on my cardio everyday or something while still being in the house. I'm sure Kina doesn't want me gone four evenings out of the week while she's pregnant and watching Savannah.

Oh, and I don't think I mentioned it here yet - got a second kiddo on the way. *twirls finger* woo. :p I'm excited. Savannah's my little buddy now. She's getting to be really cool. And sometimes a huge pain in the ass, but that's part of the game. She's definitely crawling now and standing up. It's only a matter of time before I need to get those baby gate things.

The whole being a parent thing is still weird to me. I used to feel like I missed the memo on how I'm supposed to feel and act. But then I talked with other dads and it's pretty much the same throughout. Moms instantly melt at the sight of their little human that just dropped out of them. Dads take some warming up to get to that point. I find I miss Kina more right now than Savannah. Logically it makes sense - I've known Kina for much, much longer. And I know Sav will be fine up there - she's in really good hands. I think it's more that (for me) I don't think you can really have a relationship with a creature that's not fully or close to sentient yet. I mean, you can love them, but they don't quite understand your role in things. They just know you're familiar and clap and smile when they see you, and that's pretty cool too.

I'm sure things will improve - Sav's such a cute little booger. You have no choice but to let her grow on you. I think once we're able to have conversations we'll be "bros 4 life".

Or she might get sick of me turning everything into a lesson about life. We'll see! :p
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FYI [Feb. 1st, 2011|10:40 am]
Going to probably start posting here more often: http://noxxe.blogspot.com

I still read my friends list but I'm not entirely sure what I'll keep here. I'll probably just keep the more personal things here.
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New puzzle to work on [Oct. 3rd, 2010|11:22 am]

Via Postsecret.com 2010-10-03:


Let me know if any of you guys try it and find any transcription errors.


There are some pretty handy tools here: http://maxiez.com/index.cgi?p=crypto.html
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2010|04:33 am]
By chance - do you or anyone you know happen to need some webdesign work? We're offering deals to those who'll let us feature them in our portfolio.

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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2010|03:43 pm]
I often feel as if my life is on rails - that is, that I'm not really in control of very much. Life just happens to me. Similar to how the ebb and flow of the great bodies of water are controlled primarily by the moon - an outside source. I don't know if this is a negative thing, but I don't much care for feeling like a puppet just acting out his part in the bigger scheme of things. Not to say I'm unhappy - a number of great things have happened: bought a house, got my 2 year degree, got married, started a business that's doing well, and most recently - became a father.

Life is good. But am I completely satisfied? There's absolutely so much more that I want to do. Maybe even need to do. Things to See. Experience. Live. If I died tomorrow I don't think I'd feel as if my life had been complete. I'm sure that's natural as I'm only 24 so I'll try to postpone meeting that fate any time soon. :)

And old friend came back into my life, David. We were homeslices back in high school then he ran off to university and seemed to want to spend more time with his frat brothers when he was in town than keep in touch with me. I was slightly bitter but really more disappointed than anything. Well - the nature of facebook helped mend that. Reconnected on there and he found out he finished his Masters just recently. Sent him a message essentially saying "I'm still proud of what you've accomplished despite you being such an arse sometimes." We ended up hanging out a couple weeks later and talked a lot about what went down so that was resolved on both sides fairly easily. More importantly we talked about his experiences with school and mine with...well, life.

It felt like we were in the Prince and the Pauper scenario (to which I always think of Mickey Mouse, hah!). I envied his accomplishments and he envied mine. It helped me find some balance in my life. I just needed someone in that world to help me stop and look around and where I am in life compared to my peers. I'm doing friggin great and will probably continue to do so. If I really wanted it bad enough I could arrange my situation better so I can focus more on school again in a couple years so not all is lost. Just delayed.

I need to find more control and balance in my life. It's fairly often that things just feel absolutely chaotic to me which starts off a whole separate chain of topics to write about. The two most recent things are trying to adjust to having a baby in the house and also dealing with mom's nonsense.

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A few things, in no real order [Apr. 9th, 2010|12:06 am]
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[Current Location |United States, South Carolina, North Charleston]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Rain]

1) MIT
2) New Zealand
3) Australia
4) San Diego
5) San Francisco

6) Princeton
7) Carleton/Concordia
8) Seattle
9) Teach
10) Own my own successful business

11) Raise awesome kids
12) Send them to college
13) England
15) Restore my car.

16) See mom finally get on her feet.
17) See dad learn to communicate.
18) Plant/maintain a successful garden
19) Figure out marketing/advertising - UGH.
20) Sailboat. With a kick ass engine.

21) Contribute to non fossil fuel energy solutions.
22) Figure out how to build a better engine
23) Complete a project.
24) Any project.
25) Especially one with PHP/MySQL.

That is all.
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World Pillow Fight Day 2010 - Charleston, SC [Mar. 30th, 2010|11:59 pm]
April 3, 2010 - Marion Square 2:00 - 2:30

...this will be amazing.
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2009|08:42 am]
my company is looking for Junior Level Software Manager person immediately. We're primarily working with SQL databases and web based dev (coldfusion, php - things like that). Hit me up if you're interested!
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2009|02:24 am]
Oh yeah - so I'm gonna be a dad now. Just fyi. :p

I forget I don't talk to a 100% of you guys on facebook or irl.
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(no subject) [Oct. 10th, 2009|12:11 am]
I haven't written or drawn in a long time. Just haven't felt inspired.
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Oh South Carolina you embarrass me again... [Sep. 10th, 2009|11:27 am]


WASHINGTON – Democrats and Republicans alike are denouncingRep. Joe Wilson for shouting "You lie" at President Barack Obamaduring his speech to Congress, an extraordinary breach of decorum for which the South Carolina Republican swiftly apologized.

"I was embarrassed for the chamber and a Congress I love," Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday on ABC's "Good Morning America." "It demeaned the institution."

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Va., told ABC on Wednesday: "Obviously, the President of the United States is always welcome on Capitol Hill. He deserves respect and decorum.



Wilson's outburst came after Obama said extending health care to all Americans who seek it would not mean insuring illegal immigrants.

"You lie!" Wilson shouted from his seat on the Republican side of the chamber.


I cannot even begin to fathom how this health care bill would be extended to illegal immigrants. This hurts my brain in ways I thought only Oreily, Rush, And Beck could.
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(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2009|10:34 am]

This is precisely the garbage that is hurting the right wing like crazy. I couldn't finish it. If there was any credibility in there at all then it's completely lost anyway.

I'm invoking Forney's Law on this nonsense:

Forney's Law
When the right wing tries to demonize the left by associating them with socialists or communists then their argument is instantly voided and they lose the discussion. Works in the same manner as Godwin's Law.
"The left wing loons in this country have been overtly pushing for socialism for decades. Back in 1961 Ronald Reagan warned us about socialized medicine as the first step to a complete socialist nation where all liberty and freedom will be destroyed."

"You've just lost this debate by Forney's Law. Any further points you make now hold no weight - your credibility is lost. Good day to you."
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Pictures [Aug. 29th, 2009|02:45 pm]
[music |The Crystal Method - Bad Ass (Rogue Element Mix)]

I haven't posted pictures in a long while so here goes:

This may be mine soon if everything checks out:

A trip to grandma's house. Baking ensued:

My wifey and old roommate sporting Kina's goat shirts:

Wife + her brothers + her mom:

Matt + Me + Erik:

And that's all for this post -I need to see if these resizings are right - I suspect not.
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"No you can't has cheeseburger." [Aug. 29th, 2009|01:49 am]
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[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Vicious Alliance - II Ice Age]

Sometimes you sit around on a Friday night with nothing notable to do for no good reason other than lack of motivation and wonder why you couldn't be as crazy and outgoing as the cool kids. But I wondered - when I tell people about my random collection of memories if it sounds like my life has been some crazy party during a large portion of it.

In fact it's more the opposite - a very plain, average life with a few noteworthy events here and there. I suppose I've done slightly more but it has nothing to do with being cool and popular - my exciting times typically began with a road trip or flight to somewhere I've never been to, sometimes to meet people I've never met. It was more of a "fuck it, why not" and far less of cool events finding me randomly.

However, there is something to be said for what I've accomplished and experienced in the amount of time I've been here. But with that comes a bit of...additional responsibilities but without a lot of the life experiences or inherited authority that comes with age. I rarely feel like I'm at an acceptable level with my specific skills I bring to the table in my current career. I wonder if this is common. I feel like there's always so much further to go to even be called anything remotely close to an expert.

Anywho - I feel like I'm way ahead of the game in actuality, just behind in terms of expected...maturity? I can't complain but I can't help but wonder how long all of this can last. It's weird being an "adult". As a kid you knew what you were going for - there was always school, there was always home. You had your friends, you didn't have bills. That was pretty much it. You didn't have to worry about the economy, wars, elections, religion, finances, etc. Life was good then.

Life is still good. Just exponentially far more uncertain. I seem to always make it out of shitty circumstances. My dad survived far worse.

So where do I go from here? How do I maintain this rapid forward progression without giving up my ideal life? How will I make it to San Diego? San Francisco? Montreal? Toronto? Boston? Auckland? Sydney? Madrid? How can I be a grown up and still be the child that got me this far in the first place? Is this even possible?
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2009|10:31 pm]
Amazing perspective: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1372256/
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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2009|06:42 pm]
Damn - way overdue on a post.

Back in SC. Wife still back in Canada. Working out the immigration woes from both sides. Picked up a job and been working there. 10 hour days, 5 days a week except last weekend which we had to work, fuckers. >< Getting behind on my php and win2k3 admin class so I'm hella pissed about that.

Life is about to get even more interesting - yet again. *sigh* I can't wait until life calms down and just fucking normalizes for a couple decades.
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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2009|10:47 am]

Interesting read regarding torture.
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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2009|03:06 pm]

Right wing crazies vs. left wing crazies.
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2009|08:26 am]
"I think you might be confusing tyranny with losing...that's not tyranny, that's democracy"

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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2009|10:56 pm]

"BAGHDAD – Execution-style killings, not headline-grabbing bombings, have been the leading cause of death among civilians in the Iraq war, a study released Wednesday shows. The findings, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, point to the brutal sectarian nature of the conflict, where death squads once roamed the streets hunting down members of the rival Muslim sect."

Read more to eh...be depressed perhaps.

"The study found that 19,706 of the victims, or 33 percent, were abducted and killed execution-style, with nearly a third of those showing signs of torture such as bruises, drill holes or burns."

Definitely an interesting read though. Humans can be some fucked up animals.
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Let's see if I can keep this short [Apr. 15th, 2009|10:42 pm]


ATLANTA – Whipped up by conservative commentators and bloggers, tens of thousands of protesters staged "tea parties" around the country Wednesday to tap into the collective angst stirred up by a bad economy, government spending and bailouts. The rallies were directed at President Barack Obama's new administration on a symbolic day: the deadline to file income taxes. Protesters even threw what appeared to be a box of tea bags toward the White House, causing a brief lockdown at the compound.

Shouts rang out from Kentucky, which just passed tax increases on cigarettes and alcohol, to Salt Lake City, where many in the crowd booed Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman for accepting about $1.5 billion in stimulus money. Even in Alaska, where there is no statewide income tax or sales tax, hundreds of people held signs and chanted "No more spending."


[More text at the link]

While I'm kind of proud people are standing up and having these nationwide demonstrations it still feels...misplaced. I'm still undecided on my stance with the current bailouts and such - nor will I know until the economy either fails more or improves in the near future. And even then I wont know how much each decision effected each outcome.

When it comes to the basis of things - I think it's effin' stupid to reward companies with terrible business practices with tax money. I think it's absurd that there are all these automakers out there mass producing and redesigning cars each year faster than people can buy them. There's no reason they're redesigning "green" cars when they've already been out in the European market for quite a few years.

The American economy is founded entirely on a foundation of excess. Instead of trying to simplify packaging and production of items to eliminate/cut down on waste - they opt to use the same exact designs and simply use recycled materials. Sure that's great but reduction in conjunction with recycling would be better, and reuse would be optimal. But that's not JUST the economy - that's the entire American mindset. It's okay to buy all of these plastics - as long as they can be recycled. Walk through a toy store - tons and tons of plastics sitting on shelves.

But then I get into my own internal debate regarding plastics vs. other materials like wood. Wood is fantastic and great - but at what point do we cut our dependence down from using so much of it that we stop harvesting faster than it can grow? What about bamboo?

Anywho - getting back on topic, I think the quote from the article that sums up my original point from a counter-protester:

"Where were you when Bush was spending billions a month 'liberating' Iraq?"

Completely fair question, right? But before if you posed that question you were a "communist, socialist, hippy liberal" that hated america and its freedoms. You pose a similar question and now you're comparing yourselves to the people who fought taxation without representation and further went on to spark the American Revolution? Please.

However, disagreements aside - I think my feelings are still a sense of pride, even if I may (or may not) disagree with them.

The question still stands - although I disagree with the fundamentals of this bailout situation, the ends, do they justify the means? Time will tell I suppose.
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Iran denies US reports of warm talks at conference [Apr. 1st, 2009|06:19 pm]

" Iran dismissed American government reports that senior U.S. and Iran envoys had a cordial — and promising — face-to-face exchange at an international conference, saying Wednesday that no "talks" took place. The competing accounts of Tuesday's encounter in the Netherlands appeared to reflect the different approaches to overtures to end the United States' and Iran's nearly 30-year diplomat standoff."

This is almost like being embarrassed about having a good time with an ugly person. Just admit that it was good so we can all move on and be happy dammit. :p
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2009|06:18 pm]

Okay, this is effin wicked.

"This demo -- from Pattie Maes' lab at MIT, spearheaded by Pranav Mistry -- was the buzz of TED. It's a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. Imagine "Minority Report" and then some."
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2009|04:10 am]
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[music |Blink182-duderanch]

Feels like I'm due for another entry.

Life's moving incredibly fast yet incredibly slow at the same time.

Still out of work, but working on that. +25 points to Kina for keeping everything running for us during this period. She's earned her art-only job vacation.

Getting married soon. That's neat. Makes me feel old, lol. It's nothing like I imagined. Not a bad thing necessarily but the movies totally just don't train you for how...practical each of you have to be. A lot of it is like having a teammate in life. Someone you can lean on who leans back. Someone you can talk to who talks back. I dig it. Drives me nuts sometimes but that's my job. This is definitely a reciprocated process too.

It's weird *still* not having any clearly defined direction in my life. Contrasted with having some resemblance of one prior to this whole adventure. It's pretty frustrating but nothing either of us can help right now. The economy is totally fucking us at the moment. It kind of scares me not knowing if we'll be able to cover our bills til the end of the year. I'm optimistic and figure it's pretty improbable that I'll have trouble finding a job for a duration longer than our savings can last.

Option A is that Kina continues working her arse off and I start working part time after getting a study visa and all that jazz. Not the ideal situation as kina wants to focus on her art and I want to work full time.

Option B is that I get a job anywhere but in Canada. I move to wherever I must and provide however I can/have to. Option B.1 is that Kina continues her job/finds another job in Canada and we just make it work. Basically use the time we're making double the income to get our debts paid off and get us in a better position in the future. I'd hate being far from her but it's short term while the benefits are long term. Option B-2 is that she just follows me around wherever I end up and she continues on her art full throttle.

There are a bunch of different routes in and out of those options but those are the main things.

I'm totally getting cabin fever though. Not working and not going to school puts a tremendous stress on the mind when you're used to being gone from 7am to 9pm most of the week. And by used I mean - same routine for the past 5 years. Ottawa is a terribly difficult shift for me to adjust to. Basically took me from beautiful weather at home and then a few weeks later slammed into -30C.

She's fought damned hard to keep me happy though - and I love her all the more for it. I've got to be a pain to live with right now. All I want a lot of the time is just be home at my old job and working on my house or sleeping on my hammock. All the stupid little things I used to enjoy are tough to find here. I don't know anymore if it's a "here" thing or just the fact that I'm not in a position to really control...well anything anymore. Finally I simply can't just make things happen anymore.

I kind of want to live in a house here. But then I don't. Shoveling snow is a LOT less fun than cutting my grass. I hate that I'm basically looking at 3-4 months of just...absolutely the shittiest weather I've ever experienced repeated every year for potentially the rest of my life or for however long I remain in depending on circumstances.

Snow is pretty the first couple days but fuckkkkk it's super useless and a giant asshole after that. And you get to be best friends with it until March apparently starting in November.

So - we'll see how the rest of the year goes. The snow is melting and I can walk around with a tshirt now and no more long johns. Huge plus.

I guess that's all for tonight. Getting super sleepy.
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2009|03:55 am]
Had an interesting dream. It was a sort of epiphany I've been looking for.

An obvious epiphany none the less, but definitely something that put things into a perspective I think I simply refused to see.

Just regarding my standing in academia and how I've been handling it. My ridiculous inability to tackle calculus. It was like I reviewed the years I've spent studying this stuff and finally found the common denominator, which by no means was a secret to me - I've just been fucking lazy.

So what made this dream stand out? It was like my mind shot out all the information that I ever needed to pass the tests there. Everything I could need to know for calculus 1 and 2 I could nearly fit onto a little index card. The rest were just processes that I'd soak into my brain anyway. I understand the fundamental mechanics of how a lot of it worked - I was just too goddamned lazy to actually do the homework, the repetition needed for the simple facts, not processes of the concept, to sink in. The fact that I've been spinning my wheels over what amasses to a fucking note card worth of data when I spend my days absorbing useless knowledge from wikipedia...just like "wtf have you been doing Brad?"

So it's 3:49am and it was this perspective that thrust me out of bed. Simple, but ungodly powerful to myself. It's the kick in the ass I've needed. And I have a kickass library, well - libaries, down the road to utilize. I live in a radius of a national library, some science and tech library, and various university and college libraries and this makes life incredibly bearable. I love libraries. I love hanging out in them and just working. And I can do this without requiring a drive for most of them which is amazing to me.

Back in Charleston it was so incredibly hard for me to make myself study because after getting up at 6am I didn't really feel much like going to the library after class at 10pm just to have to face a drive home after that. Now all I'd have to worry about is a nice walk through downtown Ottawa. Huzzah.

As I'm writing this I'm realizing that I can have my degree by the end of summer and just realized an obvious way to pay for it. Now...time to sign up!
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Taken from bord_du_rasoir and taken from... [Mar. 11th, 2009|09:02 pm]

The Silent Minority
Cenk Uygur

"There is a minority group in America that is a bigger percentage of the country than blacks or Hispanics. But they are often ignored or derided in public. Almost no politician would ever admit to being one. And they are given no voice in the public arena.

They are the non-religious. A new comprehensive study by The Program on Public Values at Trinity College shows that this group is now a whopping 15% of the country. Mormons by comparison are a puny 1.4% of the population, and people can't shut up about the Mormons. The Senate Majority Leader is a Mormon, one of the top Republican presidential candidates was Mormon and even HBO has a whole show devoted to them. 

Even though the non-religious are more than ten times larger, other than Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA), not one member of Congress would even admit to being in the dreaded minority of non-believers. They are almost never accounted for in any political discussion of religion in the country. The devout view them as amoral at best and destined for eternal damnation at worst. Yet, this kind of abuse and scorn is widely accepted and expected. And, if God forbid, they should ever fight back and forcefully present their opinions, they are often considered rude and offensive. 

I've always been amused at the idea that a religious person can say that an atheist will burn in hell as a result of their beliefs, and that is not considered offensive; but if an atheist says that believing in God makes no sense, that is considered deeply offensive. One person is charging the other with faulty logic; the other is charging them with a base immorality that warrants eternal torture. How is the former even vaguely more insulting than the latter?"


This is a point I typically find difficulty in conveying to others. Also - non-believers aren't all immediately DISbelievers. While I think it's improbable that there's a higher power, I can't disprove it. Much in the same way that I can't disprove that there was, for example, a Jesus, a Caesar, or a Santa Claus.

I have a problem with the freedom of religion when it's exclusive to only those who choose to obey a deity. Freedom of religion should be inclusive of freedom of non-religion as well.

In a prior discussion that was had regarding marriages in churches between a Christian and a nonbeliever it was assumed that a non-believer would view the church as just a structure and nothing more. However, had the couple been a Muslim and a Christian this would have never been assumed. A Muslim wouldn't be likely to assume a mosque wedding would be cool for a Christian, and vice versa for a Muslim in a church. They're not "just buildings" to those outside of the faith.

The absence of faith does not mean that you can just readily take in the traditions of other faiths. It strictly means the opposite - the absence of faith altogether - at least for *my* perspective. Can I speak for everyone? Not a chance. But I personally don't enjoy feeling as if my own personal philosophies can be steam rolled over because of this assumed void in my life that should be ready to just accept another's practices.

It's not a void. My beliefs are what take the place of spirituality in others. My own philosophies on the world are what explain what others attribute to a god.
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2009|12:18 am]

At first I thought "are these people serious?"

"A key piece of evidence against him was that he was captured with two Casio watches similar to those used in al-Qaida bombings."

Then I read his defense:

"He said he was holding the watches for a Taliban member who lacked pockets."

Wtf. None of this sounds right for either side.
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Woohoo. [Feb. 27th, 2009|11:15 am]

Hello Bradley,


I see that you have several mathematics courses from Trident College. 

We can accept your application to Algonquin’s 3-year Photonics Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma program.   Congratulations!  Please disregard my previous email.


The first semester tuition fees for the program that will begin on September 8, will be due at Algonquin by June 1st in the amount of $5,785.00CAD.  The 2nd semester’s tuition fees will be due on November 15th in the amount of $5,750.00CAD.  The books and supplies will be approx. $1,200.00CAD for the 1st year.

Please confirm your complete address and telephone number to send out your offer letter if payments can be received by the due dates.

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(no subject) [Feb. 9th, 2009|12:53 am]
Anyone looking for a place to rent out in Charleston, SC? About to have a house available.
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Damnnnnn. [Feb. 2nd, 2009|08:34 pm]

"The setting is Pennsylvania coal country, but it's a story right out of Dickens' grim 19th-century landscape: Two of Luzerne County's most senior judges on Monday were accused of sending children to jail in return for kickbacks. "
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2009|12:33 pm]

"Gaza militants launched rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel on Sunday, wounding three Israelis, drawing a threat of "disproportionate" retaliation from the prime minister and further straining a cease-fire that ended Israel's Gaza offensive."

Wow. First thought into my mind was "stupid fucks".

Yeah, that continues to be my thought.
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Interesting read [Jan. 28th, 2009|10:42 pm]

"Telling the magazine that he was asked why he did not give "credit" to God, Attenborough added: "They always mean beautiful things like hummingbirds. I always reply by saying that I think of a little child in east Africa with a worm burrowing through his eyeball. The worm cannot live in any other way, except by burrowing through eyeballs. I find that hard to reconcile with the notion of a divine and benevolent creator."
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(no subject) [Jan. 26th, 2009|04:45 pm]
Do you believe terrorism is an effective means of change in a western mind?
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2009|11:55 pm]
Quit bitching about inauguration costs:


However, buried in a recent New York Times article published one week before the controversy erupted over the cost of Obama's inauguration, the newspaper reported that in 2005, "the federal government and the District of Columbia spent a combined $115.5 million, most of it for security, the swearing-in ceremony, cleanup and for a holiday for federal workers" [emphasis added].

You read that correctly. The federal government spent $115 million dollars for the 2005 inauguration. Keep in mind, that $115 million price tag was separate from the money Bush backers bundled to put on the inauguration festivities. For that, they raised $42 million. So the bottom line for Bush's 2005 inauguration, including the cost of security? That's right, $157 million.

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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2009|09:01 pm]
I think I may finally be proud to be American now instead of embarrassed and ashamed.
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9/11 suspects declare guilt at Gitmo war court [Jan. 19th, 2009|05:18 pm]

"Separately, a judge held pretrial hearings for Omar Khadr, who was 15 when he allegedly killed a U.S. soldier, Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer of Albuquerque, New Mexico, with a grenade during a battle in Afghanistan in 2002."

Wtf? They're holding trials for events within the typical bounds of war? Would we allow Afghanistan or Iraq to hold our soldiers under a trial for similar circumstances? They're either prisoners of war or they're not. That doesn't mean they have to be tortured or held in poor conditions, it just means keeping them from continuing their fight in that war.

Is it still illegal if you kill another soldier in war? How the heck does that work?
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Absolutely fascinating although this article seems to be making some pretty specific assumptions. [Dec. 31st, 2008|03:00 pm]

Israel takes battle with Hamas to YouTube
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Great stuff. <3 [Dec. 31st, 2008|10:45 am]

From Emmett Till to Barack Obama - Photo Essays - TIME
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(no subject) [Dec. 23rd, 2008|04:18 pm]
I love that Canadian radio makes a lot of references to the United States and its politics, economy, and other news. Almost tricks me into feeling like I'm home. :p
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Lol [Dec. 19th, 2008|02:39 pm]

Protesters shake shoes at US Embassy in London
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Almost makes me respect him. Almost. [Dec. 17th, 2008|09:09 pm]

WASHINGTON – President George W. Bush knows he's unpopular. But here's what matters, he says: "I didn't compromise my soul to be a popular guy." In a wide-ranging interview with Fox News Channel, Bush also praised the national security team assembled by President-elect Barack Obama, offered hope to U.S. automakers seeking government assistance and said the people of Illinois will have to sort out allegations that Gov. Rod Blagojevich sought kickbacks in choosing a successor for Obama's Senate seat.
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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2008|02:58 am]

Bizarre but interesting reading.
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(no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2008|07:03 am]
Bizarre dreams last night.

For some reason I was going on a sailboat/yacht thing(?) and there were four of us. The main captain was a Dennis Leary-esque-looking person, similar abrasive attitude. Then there was Kina, a teenage male (maybe her brother), and myself.

I remember it being a stressful environment and the captain was being sort of a jerk, but it was like I was the only one who realized he was trying to make some point.

The 3 of us didn't really know what was going on or why we were going sailing all of a sudden, but I did realize he was trying to explain that we needed to empty out our pockets for a reason.

He was saying it like "welcome aboard, now get rid of all your stuff".

I asked him if we were going to get submerged.


"Is there anywhere we can put things to keep them dry?" I didn't want to get my cellphone wet. I've had enough of that already.

"You know, you're going to be captain." I look at him completely batshit confused. "If you can find a way to secure it...*points up into the sailboat's....crow's nest*"

But the "crow's nest" isn't much else than a circular platform with a mast going through it that isn't very large, so I collect everyone's things and put them into my shoes and actually just rig it up high on the rope netting/ladder so it doesn't move or lose anything.

As it turns out this boat has to be craned into place. For some reason there's netting on the back under the ledge on the outside. Think of where motors would/could be then picture some random horizontal ledge made with netting there. For some reason we were needed there; I didn't quite figure that one out. Kina being Kina jumps and monkeys her way into this thing hanging from the bottom.

I figure, "she's been sailing before, I guess I can do the same" although my first inclination was to just get top of the ledge".

Turns out I should have listened to my gut. While she was secured by having her legs woven through the netting I just had time to get my arms through before the boat was lifted (almost missed my ride!). I figure we're not going far so I don't make much effort to improve my stance.

However, we're being lifted over a major metropolitan bridge, hundreds of feet into the air.

Now at this point there started to be major continuity gaps. There were airplanes up there with us and then during another instant we were into water and I was trying to find a place to use the bathroom. Turns out I actually had to go and it was permeating my dreams. :p

So I wake up and forget the ending bits of this dream and opt to continue my tale so I pass right back out. I did recall not particularly liking the acsent upward and feeling like I was near death or falling.

Now we're on commercial airplanes. Or maybe we were just still in the air with the crane and the boat, I can't recall. Different captain, and the male is my cousin. For some reason we have the ability to just...jump off these things. So my cousin jumped off and I didn't know why. I followed to try to catch him and hoped I could just...sky dive onto another plane to save us.

This didn't really work out. I couldn't find my cousin and I ran out of time to land on things so I had to aim for the water. I assumed the dream would stop here, but it didn't. I stiffened my body into a thin beam, plugged my nose and hoped for the best. Next thing I woke up on a shore. I think I recall everyone being there. We were in South America and my cousin landed in Africa or something. Apparently we were that high up, lol.

So I was a bit sore but otherwise perfectly healthy so I went out searching for my cousin.

Turns out he was a bit beat up and someone or something did surgery on him. I remember something about clear spheres and translucent brown spheres. They took out a part of his liver and put the clear ones there (apparently his liver got damaged on impact...he landed on land). The brown ones he kept I think. For some reason this seemed perfectly reasonable to me "oh well honest mistake, the liver is actually a bunch of clear spheres, you know". Shortly the rest of the crew joined us and we debated what the best way to land was. I was clearly the victor but people were still arguing that land was better, lol.

I'm sure there was more but nothing too much I recall. Oh, I remember having to dodge planes as I was gliding around in the air during my descent. Pretty neat stuff.
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Thank goodness I'm moving away from this shithole. [Nov. 13th, 2008|09:15 pm]
"COLUMBIA, S.C. – A South Carolina Roman Catholic priest has told his parishioners that they should refrain from receiving Holy Communion if they voted for Barack Obama because the Democratic president-elect supports abortion, and supporting him "constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil."

The Rev. Jay Scott Newman said in a letter distributed Sunday to parishioners at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Greenville that they are putting their souls at risk if they take Holy Communion before doing penance for their vote.

"Our nation has chosen for its chief executive the most radical pro-abortion politician ever to serve in the United States Senate or to run for president," Newman wrote, referring to Obama by his full name, including his middle name of Hussein."

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